This is my home page about my Shih Tzu Baby. She is 4 years old now but I got her for Mother's Day 2000 when she was 8 weeks . She is the best dog anyone could ever have. She loves going for long walks or car rides.

She was named Baby cause of many reasons. She cried every night for about a week and I was awake with her every other hour all night long. Also everytime she ate I always had to wash her face. She also made all of these little noises. And lets not forget all of the puppy piddles to wipe up. It was just like having a Baby. We added a new addition to our family in August 2002. Emma joined our family. Having two tzus is twice the joy.

I recommend getting a Shih Tzu to anyone who is looking for a true companion. They thrive on socialization so if you aren't going to be home a good part of the day then I would recommend a second animal companion. I would also recommend getting books from the library and reading up on the breed before you even begin to look for a puppy. My favorite book is called "The Official Book of the Shih Tzu" written by Jo Ann White. Try to learn as much as you can about the breed so you will know which questions to ask a breeder when selecting a puppy. Shih Tzu puppys are such adorable balls of fluff and its very easy to fall in love at 1st site. Please! Please! Please! DO NOT BUY A SHIH TZU FROM A PET SHOP! I can not stress the importance of this. Many pet shops get their dogs from puppy mills. No reputable breeder would sell their pups to a pet shop.

A Shih Tzu requires daily maintenance whether you grow them in full coat or keep their hair clipped short. They require daily face washing, eyes need to be inspected and wiped and brushing the coat is a must. You will find that most Tzu's require a bath every 7-10 days.

I have posted some great resource links, a few forums, including my own which is Shih Tzu Chatter Two to ask or answer questions. I hope you enjoy my site and I will always be adding to it. Please sign my guestbook and feel free to e-mail me if you may have any questions. Thank you for visiting my site!

Baby at 8 weeks old


and at 6 months old

Growing a full coat on Shih Tzu takes about a year or longer. It requires daily care and is quite rewarding. If you do not have the time to commit there are many cute short clips. You can either learn to do it yourself or go to a groomer approximately every 6-8 weeks. You have to remember that Tzus have very sensitive skin and any mats can cause skin irritation or sores. Use a good quality dog shampoo and conditioner. Also use a grooming spray or a teaspoon of conditioner very diluted and mist the hair before brushing as brushing a dry coat will break the hair. I also recommend having a good steel pin brush, a medium steel comb, a metal rat tail comb (for parting the topknot) and a flea comb to comb crumbs from the face. Always use latex bands for the topknot and cut them out as pulling on them will break the hair.

Please try to make sure that your Tzu doesn't pick up any fleas. Many are allergic to the bites and a good scratching can destroy the beautiful coat that took so long to grow.

A good diet is also so very important. Premium foods with no by-products are best. These foods can cost a little more up front, but since less food is needed, it ends up costing about the same. Tzus need to have their teeth taken care of so please keep them clean and checked on by your vet.

March 3, 2004

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Baby has a new sister. Introducing Emma!
Emma at 8 weeks old.
August 2002


Thanks to my friend Cackle, who without her help, I would have never had this site.

Shih Tzus are GREAT!

Come and meet
Baby and Emma's Friends

August 2003

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